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Fostering LOCAL Climate Action through Business Leadership

This is the time when companies and institutions can demonstrate their leadership on sustainability and climate action, and take pragmatic measures to gradually shift into a greener business model.


Our mission is to provide knowledge, tools and resources for companies and organisations to help them effectively transition to a net-zero emissions economy while benefiting local communities. The Institute provides a platform for responsible leadership where businesses can learn how to embrace sustainability through internal and external actions. 



Institute's mission & goals

1. educate

By providing a platform with tailored learning solutions for both the senior management and general employees, the ICL will help companies better understand the challenges, processes and opportunities on their path to a carbon-free economy.

2. facilitate

We take a pragmatic approach to helping companies go green by providing a variety of useful tools ranging from technological solutions, employee-led green initiatives, to the development of their own environmental and social projects.

3. connect

For maximum local impact, the ICL will connect forward thinking businesses with the most climate-friendly suppliers and partners to strengthen local green economies.

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our three pillars

At the Office

sustainable business

Every company and every organisation in the world should know its current carbon footprint and have a clear strategy how to reduce it and eventually become carbon neutral. Most companies can become carbon neutral for less than 1% of their annual revenue. It’s the most effective investment in the future of their employees and customers, and therefore the future of their business. But a genuine transition into the new low-carbon economy also requires a new mindset.


green technology

Digital Technology is an effective platform for change, but it should also become greener. We believe that the tech sector is in a unique position to step up and innovate where others cannot. We help tech companies raise awareness on climate action and sustainability, and facilitate their own transition into a low-carbon economy of the future.


zero carbon cities

Cities and local institutions can initiate and implement climate action and sustainable solutions much faster than central governments. Cities can engage businesses, organisations, and citizens through a joint platform for local climate action. We aim to help cities lead the way in developing innovative and inclusive green solutions.

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