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CO2 Neutral PRO is an online platform that provides businesses with knowledge and solutions for reducing their digital and data-related carbon footprint. It offers information and guidance as well as insetting & offsetting services for startups, SMEs and corporations willing to demonstrate their leadership on sustainability and climate action. *The platform is temporarily closed for maintenance. 

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greening the digital space

Knowledge & Solutions for a Climate-Friendly Digital Ecosystem of the Future

Digital technology is a significant source of carbon emissions, but it can also provide solutions to climate change effects through enabling climate research and education, environmental data management, and awareness raising. GHG emissions generated by digital technology and data have been historically neglected, but they increasingly represent a significant source of pollution and environmental damage, and should be part of any sustainability plan. True sustainability has both social and environmental impacts at its core, and therefore sustainable technology should also consider its potential effects on the planet's natural resources as well as people's health and well-being.

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Official Sustainability Partner of Web Summit 2020

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