ICL at Sustainability Workshop Series by Digital Switzerland

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Our experts will help facilitate one of Leap Innovation Exploration Workshops organised jointly by Digital Switzerland, EY and Microsoft. Leap is a Swiss platform for multi-stakeholder innovation that enables organisations to harness the power of collaboration.

The aim of the workshop series focused on Technology-enabled Sustainability & Circular Economy is to identify synergies and alliances between participating organisations to jointly develop potential solutions and project ideas. The workshops will seek to unleash the potential of digital technology for a more sustainable development in Switzerland and beyond.

ICL’s experts Daniela Albuquerque and Lukasz Biernacki will help conduct the “Decarbonisation through Digital” workshop on 24th March, which will focus on the main challenges for a transparent, systematic and comprehensive disclosure of carbon data by Swiss companies. The goal is to identify and to jointly create ideas on how to reach Switzerland's goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Challenge 1: How can Digital Technology help effectively monitor and communicate decarbonisation progress of Swiss companies?

Challenge 2: How can Digital Tools help foster cross-sectoral collaboration and facilitate the exchange of carbon data to decarbonise corporate value chains?

Registration for the workshop is now open. Learn more.

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