Our Partner - Web Summit wins UFI Sustainability Award

The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, UFI, has chosen Web Summit as the winner of their annual sustainability award. Web Summit was recognised for its environmental efforts and using its online platform to support community projects.

The Institute for Climate Leadership is proud to have been part of this journey by supporting Web Summit’s ambitious efforts to become a benchmark for sustainability within the global event industry. Through our partnership with Web Summit, we have helped the organisers to analyse and better understand their data-related carbon emissions from the event’s online edition that took place in December 2020. Based on the information and data provided by Web Summit, we conducted a GHG inventory in line with the GHG Protocol. The GHG report outlined the greenhouse gases emitted as a result of the digital tools used to conduct and stream the event. We also provided some recommendations for the future.

Through our partnership with ecosecurities, we have neutralised the event’s unavoidable emissions, on behalf of Web Summit. The neutralisation was carried out through carbon emission offsets under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) which is a carbon offset program developed and run by the non-profit Verra. The carbon offsets used for the neutralisation of the Web Summit 2020 GHG emissions come from the Amazon-based biodiversity conservation project: Jari/Pará REDD+ Project.

REDD+ is a framework created by the UNFCCC Conference of the Parties (COP) to guide activities in the forest sector that reduces emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, as well as the sustainable management of forests and the conservation and enhancement of forest carbon stocks in developing countries.

We wish to congratulate Web Summit for winning the UFI sustainability award and encourage other global and local events to follow the sustainability path. By showing its commitment to climate action, the event industry sends a powerful message to all corporate clients, partners, and participants.

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