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low-carbon future-oriented approach

Climate Change will inevitably transform our lives, livelihoods and lifestyles. All of us should adapt, but businesses have a particularly important role to play. Setting ambitious, science-based, short and mid-term environmental goals is only the beginning. The big change should be implemented at all levels from the supply chain to the way companies source their business partners. The major shift, however, should be in terms of the mindset and the company culture. We help equip business leaders with the knowledge, resources, and skills needed to ensure an effective and just transition into the greener and more sustainable model. We also help companies better navigate the complex network of new approaches and responsibilities by providing expert advice and tailored solutions to facilitate the net-zero carbon transition at all levels.

our expertise and services

Our services for companies and organisations include:

1.  Customised Learning Resources for Employees & Senior Managers                                                                                         

     Webinars, workshops, toolkits, e-learning courses: 

  • Green Coaching for Senior Managers

  • Introduction to Sustainable Transformation

  • Introduction to Corporate Carbon Neutrality

  • Green Intrapreneurship

  • Psychology of Sustainable Finance

2.  Carbon Footprint Analysis

3.  Green Strategy Advisory (internal & external solutions)

4.  Tailored Insetting & Offsetting Solutions

5.  Customisable Carbon Footprint Management Software (2022)

6.  Strategic Communications Training: Green Transformation & Carbon Neutrality

      Our strategic communications online training will help you:

  • Better communicate your organisation’s transformation into a greener business model

  • Use scientific data in communicating sustainability and net-zero commitments

  • Use scientific data on climate change and sustainability in your organisational storytelling

  • Foster sustainability and green mindsets through internal communication

  • Use behavioural science-backed methods to create meaningful calls to action

Please contact us for a tailored offer at contact (at)

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verd-e software

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VERD-E is an innovative carbon footprint & sustainability management software for businesses & organisations that facilitates building local green business networks. VERD-E brings efficiency and transparency to corporate carbon reduction through a variety of features that can be tailored to different sectors and local contexts. It is a cloud-based digital platform that provides companies with information, knowledge, skills and customised tools to help them effectively transition into a sustainable and climate-friendly business model.

The final product will be launched in 2022.